Tenzing Sherpa popularly known as DJ Tenzing is the first DJ of Nepal. Since 1992 he has been actively working as a disc jockey. So far he has done more than 1000 stage programs inside the country and more than 30 different countries in the world.

If it’s music’s prerogative to change with the times, DJ Tenzing is the master of djing. He’s inspired the masses, rewired a worldwide passion for dance music and set a new precedent for fan interaction along the way. Add a who’s who list of collaborators, remixes, global live credentials and a side line in professional Kung Fu and there is still no rarer breed of superstar DJ than DJ Tenzing.

Professional Equipment


Making People Happy


Passion For Music


Stage Performance



1992 to 1999

He has worked in Club Jolly Blues at Thamel, Kathmnadu. During that time it was not much professional equipment and DJs as well.

1999 to 2002

After working in Jolly Blues for about 7 years he joined club X-zone Durbar Marg, Kathmandu where he played around 3 years.

2002 to 2007

He again joined Hyatt Regency Kathmandu and worked as Disk Jockey in the Rox Bar.

2007 to 2008

Later he joined club platinum at Hotel Yak and Yeti for a year.

At The Moment


Brand Ambassador

Makalu Outfit, KTM.

Introducing Nepal's pioneering DJ, Tenzing Sherpa, the Brand Ambassador for Makalu Outfit, who signed the deal in 2022. He will uphold his brand ambassador role until any amendments to the agreement take place.